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  • Her Guide, Your Success

    Vanessa Osage
    A Private Coaching Program for Parents & Caregivers of Girls (self-identified included) going through puberty/sexual maturity. A combination of Consulting & Professional Coaching, held over three (3) months. $1426.00 USD RRP $1500.00 USD - save 5%
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Kids ~ Group Coaching 2019

    Vanessa Osage
    A 3-Month Group Coaching Experience to support parents & caregivers, of all genders & orientations, in raising Sexually Healthy Kids. Led by an trained Sexuality Educator and Certified Professional Coach. $985.00 USD RRP $1325.00 USD - save 26%
  • Couples Relationship Assessment

    Kristin Kerr
    I provide simple, effective tools to help you create a connected, mind-blowing relationship. $99.00 USD RRP $199.00 USD - save 50%
  • 3 Months of One-to-One Relationship Coaching

    Kristin Kerr
    Do you want a relationship that energizes you every day with love, connection, and passion? Well, I have simple, effective tools and strategies to help you create a mind-blowing, passionate relationship! $900.00 USD RRP $1125.00 USD - save 20%
  • Ask A Coach

    Dolores J Stevens
    This is a lively group that meets on the phone every Thursday evening where we solve all sorts of relationship problems with anyone from coworkers, to family, to spouses and even asking people out on dates. $47.00 USD RRP $87.00 USD - save 46%
  • One Season of Positive Change

    Vanessa Osage
    A basic-level coaching package for individuals seeking a positive transformation, to enhance the quality of their lives, and their relationships, whether single or in romantic partnership. $1200.00 USD RRP $1650.00 USD - save 27%
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Kids Workbook, 3rd Edition, 2018

    Vanessa Osage
    The Guide you have been looking for, in 'giving your kids something better' as they grow into sexual maturity... $12.00 USD RRP $18.00 USD - save 33%
  • The Relationship Journal: A Self-Guided Relationship Enhancement ...

    Relationship Coaching Institute
    Simple and highly effective as a self-help program for couples, and a great tool for relationship professionals to use with their clients. $4.95 USD RRP $12.95 USD - save 62%
  • One hour consultation for couples

    David Steele
    Ready to live the life you love with the love of your life? Get your questions answered from the man who literally "wrote the book." $500.00 USD RRP $750.00 USD - save 33%

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