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  • One Month, One Focus - An Introductory Package

    Vanessa Osage
    A trial-level package for One Month of Professional Coaching. Bring your greatest desire for a breakthrough in one aspect of life, and discover if we are a great fit for working together. $480.00 USD RRP $525.00 USD - save 9%
  • Ask A Coach

    Dolores J Stevens
    This is a lively group that meets on the phone every Thursday evening where we solve all sorts of relationship problems with anyone from coworkers, to family, to spouses and even asking people out on dates. $47.00 USD RRP $87.00 USD - save 46%
  • Fairytale Romance

    Dolores J Stevens
    Did you once think that your relationship was the most amazing love story ever told, but now you are wondering what you ever saw in this person, or whether you can have that fairytale romance. I am promising you can. $795.00 USD RRP $1080.00 USD - save 26%
  • Personal Coaching

    Nichole Carter
    Personal coaching sessions for singles, couples or an individual of a couple. $1100.00 USD
  • Relationship Readiness and Attraction Workshops Bundle

    Nichole Carter
    Bundle and Save! $425.00 USD RRP $480.00 USD - save 11%
  • Relationship Attraction Workshop

    Nichole Carter
    Ready, Set, Date!!! $240.00 USD
  • Relationship Readiness Workshop

    Nichole Carter
    Prepare to make your relationship dreams a reality! $240.00 USD
  • Truth to Empowerment

    Vanessa Osage
    A focused commitment to help you discover your truth and bring it forth. Applicable to people in all walks of life, who are seeking the liberation of moving with integrity and bravely owning their whole selves. $1850.00 USD RRP $2200.00 USD - save 16%
  • Sometimes You Just Need a Pep Talk Package!

    Misty Zdanski
    Having fun out there in the dating world but could use a sounding board to ensure that you are skipping down the path of happiness versus straying off path? This package is for you! $997.00 USD RRP $1200.00 USD - save 17%
  • 1 hour session

    Marian Meade
    get along $145.00 CAD RRP $250.00 CAD - save 42%

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