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  • Love Happens When...

    Nichole Carter
    An amazing eye-opening journey down the path to finding your true love! $897.00 USD RRP $1100.00 USD - save 18%
  • Economy Package

    Nichole Carter
    Join me on my mission to help you live the life you deserve. This specially priced offer is for a limited time. $497.00 USD RRP $1000.00 USD - save 50%
  • Secrets to Successful Dating, online course for women

    Lori Ann Davis
    Are you ready for LOVE? Ready to Attract the Right Guy? $200.00 USD RRP $250.00 USD - save 20%
  • Conscious Dating

    Marian Stansbury, Ph.D.
    Most of us want love and a secure relationship. If you are single, what are you doing to meet the love of your life? This course will teach you the steps you need to know to find the person you desire. $49.50 USD RRP $150.00 USD - save 67%
  • It Only Takes One

    Marian Stansbury, Ph.D.
    Are you in a committed relationship, but are unhappy or unsure whether to stay or to leave? Is your partner not interested, motivated, or willing as you in participating in couples work? $595.00 USD RRP $1000.00 USD - save 41%
  • Finding Your Happily Ever After

    Kim Morse
    Private Coaching to help you find the love of your life using Conscious Dating/Radical Dating principles and skills. $750.00 USD RRP $900.00 USD - save 17%
  • Unsinkable Relationship Program

    Kim Morse
    This coaching program will give you the skills and foundations to have an unsinkable relationship. $800.00 USD RRP $1195.00 USD - save 33%
  • Journey in Communication

    Kim Morse
    Take this journey with Kim in the 5 Video Self Study Series where you will learn how to use a communication tool. You will receive a new video each day for 5 days. $10.00 USD RRP $40.00 USD - save 75%
  • Managing Change Effectively

    Udall Siraj
    Change is evitable! How you handle change increases your effectiveness as a single and as a couple. $97.00 USD
  • Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships

    Lori Ann Davis
    Book: Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep, and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life $10.00 USD RRP $15.00 USD - save 33%

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