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Tim Higdon

Bend, Oregon, United States

Relationship can be fun, deep, playful and romantic for a lifetime. Let me show you how.

About me

Soulmates are not “found” they are “built” through thousands of loving actions. A secure, trusting relationship is created and restored through the many challenges you successfully navigate throughout the stages of your relationship. Passion is ignited from the effort to find solutions and their results. With tools and some coaching, you too, can grow your own rock solid relationship! I want you to know what it means to have lasting love.

It is never too late! All couples have challenges, misunderstandings, conflicts, differences and times when you are distant. But that doesn’t mean you are with the wrong person. Has the stress of making a life together, including raising children and demanding careers, left you too tired for romance? Are you struggling with new chapters in life, like remarriage or blended family issues? Have you entered the empty nest and retirement stages of your relationship and wondered where your love went? Are you struggling with restoring trust after an affair? Life will throw you challenges you just couldn’t anticipate.

If you want to find a new path that restores your connection and brings the romance back to your relationship, then I invite you to learn the skills that bring lasting love. You can create your own rock solid relationship and I will show you how.

I have been working with couples, families and individuals for over 35 years. I am a certified Imago Relationship Therapist and graduate of the Relationship Coaching Institute. I have been married to the love of my life for almost 35 years. We have forged our own rock solid relationship, raised two amazing children and continue to grow as individuals, supporting each other’s dreams. From the trenches, we know it’s possible!

I have been bringing people together for most of my life and it is my mission to help couples build their own loving lifetime marriages. To this end in 2016, I co-authored Rock Solid Relationship: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last, an award-winning book, to help couples create their own successful relationship journey.

Types of Offerings:

Our coaching program offers tools and insights based on our award-winning book, Rock Solid Relationship: Seven Keys to Restore Your Connection and Make Your Love Last. We can help your relationship no matter what stage you are in—premarital, busy raising a family, empty nesters or retirees looking to have a fresh start in your new chapter.

You will receive a copy of our book, and can enroll for as few as four coaching sessions. In our 75 minutes in-person sessions you will set goals and learn communication tools as well as negotiating win-win solutions. Package prices are available as well as discounts on our popular couple’s courses.
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The best thing about relationship coaching is that YOU set the goals for a happier relationship. In counseling you react to problems. In coaching you focus on solutions.
In the first month of coaching, couples will develop a blueprint for the relationship of their dreams. Using our Rock Solid Relationship method, we will help you to return your relationship to priority status, no matter your life stage. Whether you are busy parents or newly retired, we can help you to design a life together in which you easily and happily meet each other’s needs. We will help you to create the habits and relationship rituals that fill your emotional savings account. We will introduce a communication tool that turns conflict into connection.

Continue down the path after the first month and we can assist you with your specific issues and needs, such as: put fun back in your lives; become even better communicators; improve your boundaries to create a strong firewall around your relationship; learn successful “repair strategies” for those times you slip into reactive patterns; increase sexual satisfaction and recover from such hurtful issues such as affairs.

How I like to Coach: I offer sessions online from the convenience of your home or office. That's right, no tedious commuting to get to the coach's office. In your 75 minutes session we will start with setting your goals for the time together. I will help you to think through and talk through the goals and challenges of your choice. I use the Rock Solid Relationship Method of coaching that is based on our award-winning book. I will help you to improve your relationship in the areas of your choosing.

Professional Life and Experience

I have been working to help people build strong relationships throughout my 37-year career as a counselor and coach. And, I am even more passionate today about my goal—guiding couples safely through relationship obstacles to the lasting change and a deeper connection for which they yearn.

About 35 years ago I met and married my wife, who has become my soulmate. I say “become” because it is my firm belief that partners become soulmates through years of working to manage differences to build understanding and solid trust. We have raised two amazing children and continue to put together the puzzle of our lives through dialogue and using all of the tools that I teach. We have both seen them work!

My style is down-to-earth, practical, and approachable. I bring a toolbox of relationship skills and know how.



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