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Rochelle Gates

Individual & Couple Therapist 
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Therapist and coach specialising in relationships and parenting.


About me

Informed by over two decades of being in the roles of both therapist and client, and her deep learnings in Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Aware Parenting, Rochelle is also well versed in the somatic and energetic realms through her experiences as a Qoya teacher, Arvigo® Therapist and Mayan Spiritual Healer. Rochelle specialises in relationships and parenting - whether that is for our physical children, our inner child or whatever we have chosen to birth into this world.



Supporting you with your life and work.

In Couple therapy, I help you to have the difficult conversations that need to be had, to reconnect with each other, so you both feel heard and to rekindle your love story.

In Individual therapy, I work with clients to explore their emotional landscape, to notice life giving and life diminishing situations and dynamics and make adjustments accordingly, to connect with their own integrity and build the ability to sustain this connection, to discover and come to know their core desires, to give themselves permission to feel and listen to their feelings, to bring consciousness into their relationships and relating, to create and maintain a more nourishing and nurturing relationship with themselves and others, to understand their actions and and reactions to situations, to heal from the hurts of the past, to tend to their life story and move towards that which they would like to create.

Supporting you emotionally through getting pregnant and any difficulties you may be experiencing with this. Supporting you and your relationship, during this time.

Early parenting is extraordinary and often challenging as you re-negotiate your life and your relationship/s, which includes a little one.

Parenting. Supporting you with parenting your child and also yourself. As a parent, one of the most valuable things you can do for your child is look after yourself and ‘do your work’. Parenting often re-surfaces the experiences that you yourself had as a child.

I am also happy to support you through any phase or stage of your life.
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