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Natacha Noel

Certified Dating Coach & Matchmaker 
New York, New York, United States

High-Result Dating Coach and Matchmaker helping successful professionals find the One!


Coaching with me


I help my client reach their relationship goals. After being coached with me, they will know without a single doubt that the person they are dating is in fact their perfect match.


We assess your needs and roll out a plan of action. We work together towards your success. Most of my clients enjoy a once a week coaching session. I will get you out of your comfort zone and failure to succeed is not going to be an option. My expectations for your success are as high as yours!


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Private on the phone or in person


Webinars, Video conference calls

Short courses or group coaching

Live Group coaching and events and retreats are offered.

Ongoing training

Get coached while you date after completing our programs.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Impact Coaching Academy
  • Matchmaking Institute
  • BSc. Communications

High-Result Matchmaker and Dating Coach. Founder and CEO at Breakthrough Date Coaching and Absolute Bachelor Club.
Graduated from University of Montreal with a B.SC in Communications and perfected my skills in broadcast radio and television at Promedia.
I began my journey as a Love and Relationship Expert in 2007 when I landed a very rewarding sex show host position on Taboo (CPAM 1610 am). This was a catalyst and gave me the confidence to apply as a Relationship Consultant for a large relationship agency in 2008. I ultimately founded Absolute Bachelor Club to help affluent professionals, entrepreneurs, business men, public figures and artists find their true love.

Prior to getting into the matchmaking business, I pursued journalism and acting. The one thing that those professions have in common is they are about connecting with people. As an editor in chief of Souche Magazine I have had to interview many people which prepared me for screening and qualifying the greatest singles I could come across. With acting there is something similar in that I have to connect with my characters and be in the moment with the other actors. That’s why I love Matchmaking, because it’s all about helping people who are right for each other make connections. Being a matchmaker absolutely fulfills everything I love. I founded Breakthrough Date Coaching so that women could be connected with complete, attractive, like-minded, compatible, affluent men. Absolute Bachelor Club represents the holy grail of eligible men! I believe in traditional courtship. I believe that despite living in a modern world, the fundamentals between man and woman do not change.

Breakthrough Date Coaching and Absolute Bachelor Club do it all, I get to reach thousands of people, connect with them and help them fall in love!

Looking for the One, not just anyone!
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