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Misty Zdanski

Gainesville , Virginia, United States

Introverts unite! Helping singles find their happily ever after!


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  • “Sometimes You Just Need a Pep Talk” Package!

    Misty Zdanski
    Having fun out there in the dating world but could use a sounding board to ensure that you are skipping down the path of happiness versus straying off path? This package is for you! $997.00 USD RRP $1897.00 USD - save 47%
  • Journey to Perfect Love for Introverts

    Misty Zdanski
    Being an introvert in an extrovert world can be exhausting, especially in the dating world! This step-by-step approach will help you honor who you are while confidently stepping out into the dating world with excitement! $1997.00 USD RRP $2497.00 USD - save 20%

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