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Michael Ames

Relationship Coach 
Culver City, California, United States

Are you frustrated with dating and trying to find your soul mate? I can help you be successful!


About me

I have helped many people of all ages overcome the obstacles of dating and find their soul mate. I Formerly a psychotherapist, I helped my clients who were single or divorced resolve issues which interfered with their relationships. There is so much more than chemistry and physical attraction in finding the one for you. I provide relationship coaching which provides you with proven guidelines to successful dating. My coaching programs range from 6 to 12 sessions.

Conscious Dating is a proven program which I use to ensure success for my clients. It is based on knowing who you are and what you want in a relationship. In our working together, you will zero in on your life purpose; values; needs and requirements for a happy; fulfilling relationship. It all starts with your vision of what you want in an ideal relationship.

Coaching with me


finding and keeping their soulmate
learning communication skills to establish a healthy relationship
Learn and implement conflict resolutions skills and tools of "fair fighting."
Learn about boundaries and compromise.00
Establish goals both partners want in their relationship, i.e. having children; where to live; etc.


Helping clients identify their needs; goals; values and priorities. Assign homework assignments as necessary.

Being inquisitive by asking questions.



1:1 coaching which is face to face or telephonic. I offer coaching programs which are three or six months . There are weekly sessions which are 25 or 50 minutes in duration.


Another option is online coaching which involves assignments and emails. You can email me between sessions if questions or issues come up.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Licensed Psychothreapist
  • Certificate in Singles Coaching
  • Singles Coaching through Relationship Coaching Institute

I've been a psychotherapist for 20 years and have helped many clients establish healthy relationships. My passion has always been "prevention" meaning that I love teaching people communication skills so they have happy; successful relationships. No one ever taught us how to have a great relationship or marriage or how parent our children. In most instances, our only role model we had was our parents' relationship which were often fraught with conflict and dysfunction. I have developed a fantastic "tool kit" of sound principles and communication skills that are the foundation for fulfilling relationships.

It's my belief that building and maintaining happy relationships and being a parents are one of life's great challenges in which there isn't any required training. One must obtain a driving license to drive a car but nothing is required for marriage and family.


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