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Kristin Kerr

CPC, Sex and Intimacy Expert 
Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

I provide simple, effective tools to help you create a connected, mind-blowing relationship.


About me

Hello! I'm Kristin Kerr, a relationship, sex, and intimacy specialist with Best Connections Relationship Coaching. I help singles and couples thrive by creating healthy, energizing, and fulfilling relationships. Clients can expect me to bring a nonjudgmental, loving, insightful, motivating, and authentic presence to the coaching session. Clients tell me I create an environment where it is safe and easy to speak about tough personal issues, and I ask questions that help them change their lives in ways they never truly thought possible.

My own experience of going through a divorce while parenting two teenagers gives me unique perspectives on dating, parenting, and how to create an incredible relationship. It's my goal to help as many people as I can to live the life they always dreamed of with love, passion, sexual intimacy, and vitality! I'm not sure if I can help you specifically, but maybe it's worth a phone call to find out?


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