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Coach David Steele
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David Steele

Campbell, California, United States

Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, author of Conscious Dating and Radical Marriage

About me

As founder of Relationship Coaching Institute it is my honor and pleasure to train and mentor the relationship coaches featured here in Relationship Coach Finder. While my position and lifestyle prevents me from accepting clients, I enjoy providing high level consultations for singles and couples.

Coaching with me


I help my clients live an extraordinary life of creativity, passion, adventure, and deep love and connection. I strongly believe that we're on this planet for a reason, and that true partnership is our platform for achieving the life and relationship we really want.


I don't hold back, even a little bit, bringing 35 years of professional experience, intuition, creativity, and clarity about life and relationships to your unique situation.


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Single session high level consultations only.

Ongoing training

Mentoring of relationship coaches who desire to be highly effective and successful in helping singles and couples live happily ever after.

Experience, Certifications and Training


My professional experience as a counselor started in 1978, I graduated with my Master's and obtained my Marriage and Family Therapy license in 1985. After specializing with couples in private practice for many years I stumbled upon the emerging field of professional coaching sought training and certification. Shocked that , at the time, there was no Relationship Coach training program, I founded Relationship Coaching Institute in 1997, published Conscious Dating in 2005, Radical Marriage in 2014, and produced the Radical Dating docu-series in 2017. I've lost count, but have trained and mentored over 5000 relationship coaches in the past 20 years, which I consider to be my greatest contribution and legacy.


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