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Anna Osiecka

Coaching for women  
Chicago , Illinois, United States

Coaching for women, after divorce/break up, who want to find, build and sustain happy relationship


About me

I am a Certified Coach with specialty — relationships.

I became interested in coaching in 2011, initially only as a client. In 2013, I graduated from the Coaching School in Poland (Master Coach Life and Business, Master Coach Time Line Therapy), and then I took courses at a Relationship Coaching Institute. 
I want each of us, in a world dominated by ready-made solutions, predetermined definitions of love, or what “relationship" should look like, to give a chance to discover the truth and own definition of happiness, love and relationship.

I work mainly with single women who want to find, build and sustain happy relationship, after divorce/or breakup. 

I truly believe that you, me, everyone deserve a chance to live our lives in our own truth.

Coaching with me


New Beginning Coaching Program

1. You will understand what stops you from having happy, stable relationship in your life and why you are single

2. You will get clarification who you are and what you really need to do to be happy.

3.You will gain the courage to make your decisions about relationships based on what you really want, not what you think you should do.

4. You will gain knowledge of how happy relationships work, that you can use in the future to not repeat mistakes from the past and enjoy a happy relationship for years

5.You will find a balance between your heart and mind in life choices that are important to you

6. You will meet your dream partner ... much quicker than you think



Available only in Warsaw (Poland)
Languages: polish and english


Available in polish and english language

Short courses or group coaching

New Beginning - program for single women, who want to find, new love after divorce/break up and build happy relationship.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Graduate Relationship Coaching Institute
  • NLP Master Coach Life & Business Coaching
  • Master Coach Time Line Therapy


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